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Wahoo Pools offers custom concrete pools and spas services for both new construction and restoration projects. All labor is performed by trained and licensed Wahoo Pools experts. We’re there for you personally, every step of the way.

We add a personalized touch to your new custom concrete pools and spas. With a range of custom services to choose from, Wahoo Pools offers custom concrete pools and spas designs that stand out from the rest.

New Construction and Restoration Services Include:

  • Coping: The edging of your custom concrete pool and/or spa looks and feels smooth when crafted by Wahoo Pools. We will also ensure your coping flows into your decking seamlessly and beautifully. See a selection of our coping options.

  • Tile: With the best NPT Tile Collection, Wahoo Pools tiles your pool for long-term durability. See a selection of our waterline feature tile options.

  • Pool Finish: We finish the interior surfaces of your pool with a wide variety of world-recognized NPT Pool Finish Products. See a selection of our pool interior finish options.

  • Custom Decking: Surround your pool with a perfectly matched patio deck. See a selection of our decking options.

  • Sculptures/Water Features: Granite sculptures and waterfalls add novelty to any pool. See a selection of our water, fire outdoor kitchen options.

We Build Long-Lasting Staycations.

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Custom concrete pools and spas are known for their durability. Unlike other swimming pool materials, custom concrete pools and spas are able to be re-finished as needed, which adds to their longevity. With a custom concrete pools and spas, you are making a long-term investment in your home.

Variety of Pool
Surface Materials

Designing a custom concrete pools and spas comes with a lot of creative freedom. There are many different types of pool materials that can be added to the surface of your new custom concrete pool and spa. For example, many homeowners love the aesthetic of stone or tile. When picking a pool surface material, you must also think about how you want the pool water to look. Wahoo’s pool designers will be able to recommend pool finishes that will give off the shade of blue you have in mind.

Work Of Art

What’s the point of paying for a custom concrete pool and spa, if you can’t design it exactly the way you want? Wahoo’s custom concrete pools and spas allow you to be creative with your designs so that you can create the perfect backyard oasis for you and your family.

The pool shell for your new custom concrete pool and spa will be made by spraying a finish, which is usually gunite or shotcrete. Not only does this spray-on method give you more freedom to design the pool shape you want, but it also helps cut down expenses. If you want a custom shape for your new concrete swimming pool, it wouldn’t cost more than if you designed a traditional rectangle pool.


Salt chlorinators, chlorine, freshwater systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Wahoo Pools concrete pools & spas. Whatever your choice may be it will be compatible.

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